Individual Counselling

The everyday can be full of constant challenges that can leave feelings of sadness, exhaustion, worry, pressure, anxiety, the feeling of being alone even when amongst friends or family. In counselling sessions you can bring what ever topic or issue is on your mind, for you it may be a life challenging event or situation that you want to talk through; in the past or at present. You may feel stuck or not quite yourself at the moment. I encourage you to bring what ever issues you need to bring to our sessions and we’d work at a pace that is right for you.

Counselling I offer

I see the individual therapeutic process as a journey, we walk side by side through the landscape of your life, I’d support you to explore, understand the past, find clarity in the present, recognise patterns , identify who or what in your life is nourishing or explore/consider ways to make changes, its an opportunity to experience shifts within which come from understanding yourself as a unique person.

Why chose me:

I’ve trained as a counsellor, mediator, youth and community worker and facilitator and I’ve worked for a variety of organisations in these roles. I enjoy working both on a short term issue specific way generally 4-6 sessions and also longer term for deeper exploration of self and issues over a number of months or years. My hope is that through talking things through, reflecting on events, people gain more insight and understanding so they can live fully, aware of choices being made and feel more resilient.

It is important to find a counsellor who is right for you, it is a two way process - contact me either by phone or email.