Individual Counselling

Having some counselling sessions with me will give you the opportunity to gain deeper understanding of yourself and of the issues you bring. Through having counselling people often talk about a change or shift in how they feel about themselves or how they view a situation. People also comment that counselling can also lead to feeling more fulfilled, more settled and an ability to make sense of the past or present. Some people report that talking things through in a counselling situation enables them to make practical adjustments and changes in their life because they begin to understand what they need. Throughout counselling sessions I like to work in a way that enables people to develop more resilience so be able to cope better with and adapt to what is ahead of them in their life. We cannot be fully sure of future challenges yet we can find a place in ourselves that is able to meet them in a way that keeps wellbeing in mind.

Relationship Counselling

Couples counselling offers the opportunity for you to talk issues and problems through and gain a deeper understanding of yourselves as individuals as well as a deeper understanding of your relationship. Couples who come to counselling want to give their relationship some attention and find practical ways to support themselves, one another and the relationship itself. Couples often seek counselling when they feel "things are not quite right or not what they were" or have specific issues that they want to explore and understand. My training and experience also enables me to offer support to other types of relationships which we all find them under pressure at various times in our lives, be it a friendship, a work based relationship or a family relationship. I can offer a place for communication, deeper understanding of one another and a place to talk through practical solutions.