Relationship Counselling

Relationships at times can challenge us be it an intimate relationship, a friendship or a family relationship. We have expectations of other people in our lives and often these expectations are not fully realised and often not communicated.

Often it is useful to talk issues through with another person such as myself who is not involved. The relationship counselling I offer starts with talking issues through and then becomes more structured, using techniques and exercises to enable the two people involved to become better at communication and understand what they need and want for themselves and for the relationship.

Why choose me:

I enjoy working with people to not only enable them to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their situation and relationship yet also to offer them some practical ways to be in relationship. I believe a healthy and good relationship has many aspects: trust, thought for self and the other person, mutual respect and understanding for each others needs and values and good communication, honesty and openness. I can offer a safe space to explore these aspects.

It is important to find a counsellor who is right for you both, it’ll be a three way process - contact me either by phone or e mail.

We’ve been coming to a couples session for a number of weeks and with really successful results. Naomi is really calm and honest and makes us review our situation by looking at ourselves and a better way forward. Its hard to look at yourself and change behaviours for the better but Naomi has helped us to do that with really effective results.